Market Street United Methodist Church
75 Market St. Onancock, VA 24417

Historic Cokesbury Church

Restoration - Keeping Faith
with History

For the past decade, the mission of the Cokesbury Church Committee has been to transform a rapidly deteriorating  historic building into a safe structure where people of all ages could come together for both religious and secular activities.  Great care has been taken throughout the renovation to respect the building’s history and architectural integrity while making it functional in today’s world.
    Now that much of the building’s physical renovation has been completed, our focus has become that of expanding Cokesbury’s role in the community and the world under Market St. Church’s mission.  We are currently identifying new ways of engaging the community more fully in opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship and enrichment.

Restoration Timeline

Still to be completed - 2014 ongoing

  • Restore eight remaining stained-glass windows
  • Document family lines of those buried in the cemetery
  • Repair tombstones
  • Build endowment
  • Correct moisture problems in sanctuary ceiling

Phase V, completed in 2007-2013

  • Made the restroom handicap-accessible
  • Restored four of twelve stained-glass windows
  • Repaired and painted basement window frames andreplaced storm windows in the basement
  • Removed crumbled scored stucco on the foundation and replaced it with new “old” stucco
  • Painted exterior of the building

Repairs from Tropical Storm Ernesto damage, completed in late 2006

  • Installed new cedar shingle roof
  • Repaired and painted sanctuary walls and ceiling 
  • Replaced sanctuary carpet
  • Repaired and painted steeple-tower
  • Added a cross on the top of the steeple

Phases I-IV, completed 2001 - mid-2006

  • Recovered long-missing early church record book
  • Repaired and re-roofed steeple
  • Restored Estey pump organ
  • Restored historic brick tablestone foundations
  • Added an auxiliary entrance/exit/fire escape
  • Restored the first of twelve stained-glass windows
  • Purchased an electric piano for youth
  • Received recognition on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register
  • Installed heat and air-conditioning
  • Upgraded electrical and plumbing systems
  • Reconfigured and refurbished basement
  • Improved restroom
  • Remodeled kitchen
  • Repaired sanctuary ceiling and  painted sanctuary
  • Installed multi-media sound system in sanctuary
  • Repaired and painted exterior
  • Replaced plexiglas on stained glass windows
  • Installed French drain on west side of church
  • Began cleaning and repair of tombstones
  • Established an endowment fund